Workshops and events

Expert-led workshops for U4 partners

Webinar series 2020

Since most workshops and conferences are now postponed, we are moving many of our engagements online. Scroll down to see information about webinars in 2020.

We facilitate local dialogues

Corruption is a sensitive topic. A neutral forum to discuss it openly helps different agents of change find each other. Our advisers facilitate dialogues between development partners at U4 in-country workshops. During the past decade we’ve held over 60 workshops for our partners and their local counterparts.

We can also assist with staff training and policy advice at headquarters. Or would you like to meet us at a conference? We gladly share our insights at research and policy events, to help advance general anti-corruption knowledge.

Tailor-made workshops for U4 partners and local counterparts.

U4 workshops

We prepare and facilitate two-day workshops for U4 partners and local counterparts. We tailor the agenda to your needs and can help you bring momentum to local processes.

U4's steering committee decides which countries and agencies get workshops. The next call for workshop proposals will be in autumn-2020.

Anti-corruption workshop topics

  • National strategies and policies
  • Justice sector
  • Public service delivery
  • Natural resources sectors
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Social accountability
  • Collective donor responses
  • Social norms
  • Illicit financial flows

Headquarter events

Would you like us to share U4 expertise at a staff event? We can help raise general anti-corruption awareness and show how U4 resources and services can be useful. Our advisers are sector-specialists who can give policy-relevant inputs to your experts.

Plan a visit?

Contact us in good time to ensure we have free capacity for your event.

Workshops and headquarter visits 2020

Webinars 2020

Events 2020–2021

"U4 provided excellent service with a unique participatory approach. Critical inputs for fostering community awareness and participatory corruption prevention and monitoring."

Government agency director at a U4 workshop in 2016

Any questions?

E-mail us at about conferences, headquarter visits and other issues.

Partners can also contact our workshop coordinator about past and prospective U4 in-country workshops: