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Mali – Managing corruption risks during activities with partners


21 June 2022

For donors working in Mali, corrupt practices can undermine the achievement of development goals, in particular in the management and delivery of aid programmes and projects. Procurement processes, activities management, conflict of interests are key aspects to consider when delivering aid through projects and programmes in Mali.

Under the auspices of the Danish representation in Mali and gathering staff from several development aid agencies and embassies in Mali, this U4 virtual workshop aims at levelling-up standards for the management of corruption risks within projects and programmes, improving integrity within local public authorities and partners.

This U4 country engagement is an opportunity for donors to develop awareness on forms of corruption they encounter in their work and to identify specific areas more vulnerable to corruption. It is also a way to identify entry points for managing anti-corruption operations within projects and programmes. Finally, it is a possibility for a better dialogue and a better coordination among donors for managing corruption risks.

The working language for this country engagement is mainly in French, with some presentations in English.

Participation in U4's workshops is by invitation only, and is organised through the hosting U4 partner agency.