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Progress and challenges in the quest for transparency to ensure equity in the Covid-19 vaccine deployment


4 November 2021

This event has passed – read a commentary and watch the recording at:

Progress and priorities in promoting transparency along the COVID-19 vaccine value chain

Dec 20, 2021 / Morgan Pincombe, Javier Guzman

After earlier calls for transparency in the global deployment of COVID-19 vaccine, we’ve seen progress: in addition to UNICEF’s COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard launched in December 2020, the Task Force on COVID-19 Vaccines, Therapeutics, and Diagnostics – launched in June 2021 – houses a central repository with (partial) data on vaccine purchasing and deployment; (some) governments have released (few) contract details; and (select) manufacturers have contributed their designs to technology transfer hubs to facilitate the scale-up of production. But these steps have been small and limited. The overwhelming lack of information on COVID-19 vaccine research and development, manufacturing, contracts, and deployment in the public domain still leads to unpredictable delivery times, wasted doses, high purchasing prices in low- and middle-income countries, and inequitable distribution.

Join the Center for Global Development and the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre for a virtual discussion on the progress and challenges in the transparent deployment of COVID-19 vaccine, building on recent recommendations from U4 on next steps for greater transparency. Speakers will highlight the importance of transparency in the current moment of the COVID-19 crisis, when equitable distribution surpasses supply as the most pressing challenge. The panel will also discuss topics including possible mechanisms of accountability for manufacturers and procurers and how governments and global COVID-19 vaccine procurement mechanisms should balance public and private interests.


Thursday, 4 November 2021

11.00–12.00 PM New York
4.00–5.00 PM London
5.00–6.00 PM Copenhagen
6.00–7.00 PM Nairobi
10.00–11.00 PM Jakarta


  • Karen Hussmann, Independent Expert and Researcher, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre


  • Arne Strand, Director, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre
  • Eduardo Bohórquez, Executive Director, Transparency International Mexico
  • Charles Kenny, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Additional speakers to be announced


  • Javier Guzman, Senior Policy Fellow and Director of the Global Health Policy Program, Center for Global Development