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Prosecuting corruption across borders: Eurojust

Interview with Maria Schnebli

For fifteen years, Eurojust's operational focus has been set by the European Commission's Agendas on Security and Migration: treating terrorism, illegal immigrant smuggling and cybercrime as priorities. Corruption cases, which often facilitate other types of crime, are also handled by Eurojust. In 2016, it supported the investigation of 74 cases involving corruption, conducted 15 coordination meetings, and supported two joint investigation teams. U4 Senior Advisor Sofie Arjon Schütte has interviewed Maria Schnebli, Swiss prosecutor seconded to Eurojust as liaison, about her experiences and insights of facilitated cross-country collaboration in large-scale criminal investigations.

11 October 2017
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Schütte, S.; (2017) Prosecuting corruption across borders: Eurojust. Bergen: U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Practitioner Experience Note 2017:3)

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About the author

Dr. Sofie Arjon Schütte leads U4’s thematic work on the justice sector, including specialised institutions like anti-corruption agencies and courts. Previously, she worked for the Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia and the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission and has conducted workshops and short-term assignments on corruption in more than 15 countries. She is editor of the series of U4 publications on anti-corruption courts around the world.


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