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A free research service exclusively for staff from our U4 partner agencies. The U4 Helpdesk is a free research service – for staff from our partner agencies – and run in collaboration with Transparency International.

Anti-corruption encounters

Free service for U4 partner agencies

Tailor-made research briefings within 10 working days

…or urgent assistance within 48 hours

How the helpdesk works

Our team in Berlin carries out desk research based on publicly available sources and draws on a network of several hundred experienced practitioners.

The information is compiled into a concise and quality-checked briefing of 5-10 pages, and sent to you within ten days.

Ask our free helpdesk

Are you U4 partner staff and need information on corruption or anti-corruption in development programmes, sectors, or a country?

Using the helpdesk for the first time?

Are you unsure about your question? Please contact us at and we can clarify it together.

Ask us anything that

  • Directly relates to corruption and anti-corruption 
  • Concerns relevant practitioner perspectives on policies or operations
  • Is clearly formulated and includes a stated purpose 
  • We can do via desk research in seven working days

We do not answer questions that

  • Require original fieldwork 
  • Ask for recommendations and direct policy/programming input
  • Require specialist expertise, eg national laws/technological detail
  • Require specialist expertise, eg national laws/technological detail
  • Take more than seven days to complete


Would like to know more about the U4 Helpdesk? Please feel free to contact us at and we will be in touch.

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