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Dr. Nieves Zúñiga received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Essex in the UK. After her PhD she was Research Fellow at the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham, working on the EU’s ANTICORRP project. At Nottingham she analysed the anti-corruption policies in Bolivia and Rwanda, and worked on the idea of integrity management to counter corruption. Nieves has extensive experience as a researcher and public speaker on socio-political issues developed in the UK and in Spain, and she is specialised in qualitative research methods with fieldwork experience in Latin America and Africa. Since 2017 she has been supporting the work of the TI Helpdesk. Besides the Helpdesk, she provides research support to a TI project on state capture in the Western Balkans.

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      Recent work

      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Curbing corruption in the police in Rwanda

        4 Nov 2019

        The Rwanda National Police (RNP) is prioritising anti-corruption efforts. Their efforts involve the collaboration with other public institutions and civil society organisations, and include preventive and reactive measures.

        Anti-corruption basics
      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Anti-corruption in the health sector in Southeast Asia

        19 Dec 2018

        Anti-corruption interventions in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors in this region have consisted of promoting integrity, transparency and accountability, quality control testing and social accountability.

      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Impact of structural adjustment programmes on corruption

        19 Dec 2018

        The implementation and outcomes of structural adjustment programmes (SAPs), promoted by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to help countries all around the world overcome their economi...

        Development cooperation
      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Does more transparency improve accountability?

        18 Nov 2018

        There is a general assumption about the positive effect of transparency on accountability. Even if, in theory, that link seems to be obvious, in practice the relationship is not always straightforward...

        Informal contexts
      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Behavioural changes against corruption

        28 Jul 2018

        Informal contexts

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