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Anti-corruption issues have been part of my work since 2001, when I joined the Anti-Corruption Division of the OECD. Prior to that, I spent almost four years in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina working on refugee and humanitarian affairs.

I've assisted U4 in various research projects and running online courses since 2005. In addition, I do consulting work for international organisations such as the Council of Europe, the European Commission, and bilateral donors. Typical assignments involve advice and programme design and evaluations of technical assistance interventions in the area of anti-corruption, rule of law, and good governance. My expertise covers the Western Balkans and the former Soviet Union.

    Online training and workshops

    • Online course
      Gender and corruption

      27 Oct 2019

      28 October–9 November 2019. 2 week, expert-led course. Learn how to integrate gender and inclusion in anti-corruption programmes. This course is designed for development practitioners, public officials, and civil society activists.

    • Online course
      Corruption in the justice sector

      7 Mar 2020

      8 – 29 March 2020. 3 week, expert-led course. Learn how to integrate justice sector institutions in programming for judicial reform and rule of law. Suitable for practitioners involved in the justice sector, and general governance experts with a good understanding of the sector.

    Recent work

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