Roberto Martinez B.

Research and Knowledge Coordinator


Roberto Martínez B. Kukutschka is Research Coordinator at Transparency International (TI) and a PhD candidate at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, where he also obtained a Master’s in Public Policy. Before joining TI, he worked as a Research Associate for the European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State-Building, and conducted research for the large-scale EU-funded Projects ANTICORRP and DIGIWHIST. His main research interests include corruption measurement and crony capitalism. Besides his experience in the NGO and academic sectors, Roberto has also experience in the public sector. Before moving to Germany, he served as Head of the Anti-Corruption Department at the Mexican Tax Administration Service, where he was responsible of overseeing the enforcement and implementation of the OECD’s anti-bribery convention and the UN Convention against Corruption.

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      Recent work

      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Local government accountability mechanisms

        31 Jul 2019

        Digital complaint mechanisms, legal counselling services, media based accountability platforms and participatory budgeting are some ways accountability mechanisms are being transformed to meet local government needs.

        Measurement and evaluation
      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Corruption in Afghanistan and the role of development assistance

        28 Apr 2019

        Despite adopting an anti-corruption strategy and reforms to Afghanistan’s legal code, gaps remain in the institutional framework and lack of enforcement continues to be a barrier to state-building and reduces development impact.

        Development cooperation
      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Review of donor disclosure policies of corruption cases

        13 Jan 2019

        Disclosing information on corruption cases can play an important role in donors’ integrity management systems to prevent, deter and sanction fraud and corruption in the use of development assistance f...

        Development cooperation
      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Integrity risks for international businesses in Mexico

        21 Dec 2018

        Despite reforms across many sectors, notably in the oil and telecommunications industries, enforcement of the relatively strong legal and institutional anti-corruption framework remains poor.

        Private sector
      • Publication | U4 Helpdesk Answer
        Integrity risks for international businesses in Pakistan

        19 Dec 2018

        Collusive contracting and kickbacks remain widespread in the energy and infrastructure sectors, while industries driven by fast-moving consumer durables, such as telecommunications, seem to be becoming more resistant to such practices.

        Private sector

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