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Kaunain received her Master's in Corruption and Governance from The Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex in the UK where her focus area of research was corruption in international business. She works as Research Coordinator at Transparency International (TI), and her main responsibilities lie with the Anti-Corruption Helpdesk. In the NGO sector, she has worked as an external contributor for TI's Anti-Corruption Helpdesk, campaigned for nuclear disarmament as Regional Ambassador for South Asia at Global Zero in the USA, and volunteered with the Child in Need Institute (CINI) in India. In the private sector, she has worked as an associate consultant for internal audit services at Ernst and Young (EY) in India. Her other qualifications include degrees in Political Science and Human Rights.

      Recent work

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        Gender mainstreaming in the UNCAC

        29 Sep 2021

        The UNCAC’s legal text does not reference gender, and women or gender are taken into consideration in only three resolutions from the UNCAC’s Conference of the States Parties. Gender mainstreaming must go beyond looking at gender as a single dimension.

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        Bangladesh: Overview of corruption and anti-corruption

        15 Aug 2021

        Corruption in Bangladesh remains endemic. The administration espouses a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, but high-profile political actors are reportedly embroiled in various corruption and embezzlement scandals.

        Anti-corruption basics
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        Corruption in employment services

        15 Apr 2021

        Corruption risks in the employment services sector include undue influence at the policy setting stage, nepotism in staff hiring practices, bribery at the client interface at the skills training or job centre and procurement related fraud.

        Public service delivery
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        Mitigating corruption risks in COVID-19 vaccine rollout

        6 Apr 2021

        The scale and complexity of manufacturing, allocating and distributing COVID-19 vaccines across the world presents an unprecedented challenge. Troublingly, ensuring equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines is a process endangered by corruption.

        Covid-19 and corruption
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        Madagascar: Overview of corruption and anti-corruption

        9 Mar 2021

        Madagascar grapples with systemic corruption, a weak rule of law and porous borders with an abundance of natural resources, which has in turn given rise to various organised criminal networks dealing in illicit trade.

        Natural resources and energy

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