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Putting the IFF agenda into action at the country level – blog series

Illicit financial flows (IFF) became an international concern in the late 2000s and are now an established policy concern in the development context. Still, policymakers have yet to address important questions about putting anti-IFF programmes into practice. This blog series is a policy critique with reflections on where the anti-IFF agenda can progress and contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals.

Posts on U4's Medium page

  1. IFF definitions–crucial questions
  2. IFF: What losses for international development?
  3. IFF and country level legitimacy
  4. The blind spots in anti-IFF strategies
  5. Strategies for effective anti-IFF efforts
  6. Coordinating an attack on secrecy
  7. Rethinking policies to remove secrecy
  8. Expanding the role of corruption in IFF
  9. Country-level IFF research for counter-IFF support (forthcoming)

Author: Fredrik Eriksson