I’m a lawyer with experience from anti-corruption and governance-related private sector research, policy analysis, evaluations, and strategy development.

My research interests involve effective change approaches to reduce corruption. In private sector anti-corruption knowledge, some of the issues I explore include compliance, corporate social responsibility, due diligence, risk management, and anti-trust regulations. I'm interested in how multinational companies influence the business environment and societal norms.

My work on contextual governance innovation includes co-creation, hybrid institutions, network governance, incentives realignment mechanisms, social impact bonds, corporation typologies, and new business models.

I also look at systemic change approaches, in particular social transformation management, systems analysis, collective action, technology-facilitated change and real-time evaluation. The relationship between institutions, power distribution and enforcement is also an area I work on, especially norm change and enforcement, political economy analysis, political settlements framework, collective action problems, and trust.

Related to patronage-based policies, I've studied normative expectations and sustainable patronage relationships, patronage accountability mechanisms, developmental leadership, disruptive factors that influence patronage, and history of transitions. I'm also interested in long-term transition strategies and their trade-offs, for example social, economic and institutional transformations.

Finally, my interest in innovation and testing evidence has led me to start U4 TRIAL – The anti-corruption innovation lab.