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Measuring ‘success’ in five African Anti-Corruption Commissions

This Report has been developed from the literature review and evaluation presented in the First Report (March, 2004). The findings here are based on the insights gained from five country visits to Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia (July – October, 2004).

The findings emerged from grouping previous explanations of ACC ‘success’, the ‘inhibitors and drivers’ as we term them, and matching them against the realities of the different countries.

18 May 2005
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Measuring ‘success’ in five African Anti-Corruption Commissions

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Doig, A.; Williams, R.; Watt, D.; (2005) Measuring ‘success’ in five African Anti-Corruption Commissions. Bergen: U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Report 2005)

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Alan Doig
Robert Williams
David Watt


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