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Anti-corruption networks and groups in Mexico related to the private sector

Attempts to engage the private sector in anti-corruption measures are visible in the form of government and civil society backed initiatives. In some cases, such collaborations have been formalised, in other cases, more needs to be done to include businesses in anti-corruption policymaking and strengthening corporate integrity networks.

16 March 2021
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Main points

  • Corruption is a business risk for the private sector.
  • Targeted attempts to curb corruption have yielded significant benefits to improve the regulation of the business environment.
  • Government and civil society supported anti-corruption initiatives involving the private sector operate to mainstream corporate compliance systems.
  • In some cases, there are formal arrangements, such as the MPA’s business integrity model; in other cases, such as the Citizen Participation Committees, there are informal engagements with businesses.
  • Other civil society backed programmes, such as IC500, seek to evaluate the top 500 Mexican companies with respect to the existence and public availability of corporate integrity policies.

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Rahman, K.; (2021) Anti-corruption networks and groups in Mexico related to the private sector . Bergen: U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Helpdesk Answer 2021:26)

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About the author

Kaunain Rahman

Kaunain received her Master's in Corruption and Governance from The Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex in the UK where her focus area of research was corruption in international business. She works as Research Coordinator at Transparency International (TI), and her main responsibilities lie with the Anti-Corruption Helpdesk.


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