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Essentials of anti-corruption II: Development programming

9 September– 5 October 2019. 4-week, expert-led course. Learn practical knowledge about corruption and anti-corruption in development programming. Apply principles of anti-corruption programming to a programming area of your choice


Facilitated, expert-led course.

In order to ensure a shared basic knowledge of definitions, terminology and concepts of corruption and anti-corruption, prospective participants must complete our self-paced Essentials of Anti-Corruption I module before they can take this course.


4 weeks.

Participants should anticipate a time investment between 2 to 3 hours per week over the duration of the course. Support from U4 advisers and affiliated experts is available.


9 September–5 October 2019.

What you'll learn

  • Understanding corruption: why theory is important
  • Diagnosing corruption challenges
  • Programming considerations
  • Programming in practice

Questions about the course? Contact our course coordinator, Vera Devine.

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