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Essentials of anti-corruption II: Development programming

Interactive, expert-led course. Practical knowledge about corruption and anti-corruption programming.

Register to be on the waiting list for the next course from 10 September to 4 November 2018:

Getting Started: 10 – 16 Sep

Topic 1 Theory: 17 – 23 Sep

Topic 2 Measurement and assessments: 24 Sep – 7 Oct

Topic 3 Development programming: 8 – 21 Oct

Catch-up week: 22 – 28 Oct

Topic 4 Corruption Risk Management: 29 Oct – 4 Nov

  • Employ real-world corruption diagnostic tools and programming knowledge to set priorities and design programmatic responses.
  • Assess and design corruption risk management approaches.

Receive support from U4 advisors and affiliated experts.

Participants should anticipate a time investment between 2 to 3 hours per week over the duration of the course.

I’m responsible for this course

Vera Devine

U4 online course coordinator