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Corruption and wildlife trafficking: an overview

Short, self-paced course for anyone interested in how corruption enables wildlife trafficking, and possible counter-measures.
Corruption and wildlife trafficking: an overview




Work your way through animation, videos, text, fictitious and real-life case studies, and graphics.

Complete at least 80% of the course to get a certificate.


Open for everyone to take – no prior knowledge required.

The self-paced course is ideal if you:

  • Want to know how corruption and wildlife trafficking are linked.
  • Work on wildlife trafficking and want to learn more about corruption.
  • Work on corruption/anti-corruption and want to know how corruption facilitates wildlife trafficking.

Registration required.


1 hour.


Available at any time.



The course is also available in French.

What you'll learn

  • Get a good overview of wildlife trafficking and its extent.
  • Understand where corruption creeps into the wildlife trafficking value chain.
  • See, through examples, how corruption facilitates wildlife trafficking in practice.
  • Become aware of initiatives and efforts to curb wildlife trafficking and associated corruption.
  1. Corruption in the extractive industries: an overview (self-paced, 1 hour) Open for anyone.
  2. Corruption in the forestry sector: an overview (self-paced, 1 hour) Open for anyone.
  3. Addressing corruption in the natural resources sector (expert-led, 4 weeks) Open for U4 partner staff and their partners.

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