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I am a researcher and writer on applied digital technology for humanitarianism, development, governance and anti-corruption. Social media data, satellite imagery, geographical information systems, and applied artificial intelligence are among my interests.

I hold a Master's degree in Democracy Building from the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen, Norway. My thesis focused on the potential of crowdsourced civil society election monitoring as a tool to combat election fraud.

In addition, I have a background from journalism, advertising, and higher design education – as a practitioner, educator, and in managerial roles. In recent years I have led digital humanitarian work during disasters and in democracy projects.

      Recent work

      • Publication | U4 Guide
        Supporting civil society during the Covid-19 pandemic

        30 Apr 2020

        Large disbursements of funds to tackle the current crisis are at risk of corruption. Through digital accountability networks, civil society can play a crucial role in ensuring funds for the pandemic reach their destination.

        COVID-19 and corruption
      • Publication | U4 Guide
        Apoyo a la sociedad civil durante la pandemia de Covid-19

        30 Apr 2020

        La corrupción amenaza los fondos largos para hacer frente a la pandemia. A través de redes digitales de rendición de cuentas, la sociedad civil juega un papel importante en garantizar que los fondos lleguen a su destino.

        COVID-19 and corruption
      • Publication | U4 Issue
        Blockchain as an anti-corruption tool

        31 Mar 2020

        Blockchain technology promised to be a game changer in anti-corruption efforts due to its immutability and transparency. Whether it fulfils its promise depends on levels of connectivity, digital literacy, and reliable institutions where it is deployed.

        Development cooperation
      • Publication | U4 Report
        Artificial Intelligence – a promising anti-corruption tool in development settings?

        13 Jun 2019

        How artificial intelligence may advance anti-corruption efforts through improved detection. Avoiding corruption-prone procedures with novel processes.

        Development cooperation
      • Publication | U4 Brief
        Digitising the landscape: Technology to improve integrity in natural resource management

        27 Mar 2017

        Many information technology initiatives have emerged in recent years with the aim of improving natural resource management. These take a variety of technological forms designed either to directly curb...

        Natural resources and energy

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