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The state of research on corruption in the Netherlands Antilles

Little is known about the levels and patterns of corruption in the Netherlands Antilles. Beyond anecdotal evidence of the prevalence of corruption, there is little data and research available on the islands’ state of governance and corruption. The territory has only recently been added to those countries assessed by the World Bank Institute’s World Governance Indicators. The few other studies available have mainly focused on issues related to its activities as an international financial centre. To address this knowledge gap, there is a need to measure levels of corruption and/or conduct an in-depth diagnostic of the state of governance in the Netherlands Antilles. Such research should be conducted with a view to mapping corruption risks, identifying critical issues of public governance as well as priority areas for reform.
9 April 2009
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Chêne, M.; (2009) The state of research on corruption in the Netherlands Antilles. Bergen: U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Helpdesk Answer Helpdesk)

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Marie Chêne


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