U4 Brief | Natural resources and energy

Project Leaf and addressing corruption in REDD+

By Davyth Stewart and André Standing
Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Brief 2013:3) 4 p.

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This publication is from 2013. Some of the content may be outdated. Search related topics to find more recent resources.

Project Leaf (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests) was launched on 5 June, 2012 – on World Environment Day. It is an initiative to counter various aspects of forest crime, including corruption, illegal logging and timber trafficking. The project is a consortium led by Interpol and the United Nations Environment Programme, intended to provide a coordinated global response to organised and transnational forest sector crime. Effective forest law enforcement in countries that implement REDD+ schemes is crucial to the success of REDD+. By involving actors aiming to prevent forest crime and corruption, Project Leaf hopes to generate an improved governance platform to aid country implementation of REDD+. Project Leaf counts on development donors for financial and operational support.

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