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Pakistan: Overview of corruption and anti-­corruption efforts

Pakistan has regularly featured near the bottom of international indices for corruption. Despite relatively strong legislation, the country is currently lacking in key areas, in particular regarding whistleblower protection and freedom of information. There is also a large gap between the legislative framework and the implementation, with a poorly funded police force and an anti-­corruption agency struggling with a lack of competent staff.

The newly democratically elected government has pledged to make fighting corruption one of its priorities. Recent anti-­corruption efforts have included setting up new regional offices for the national anti-­corruption agency and proposing draft laws on whistleblowing in government departments.

However, political interference in public institutions prevents independent and effective investigations into corruption. There is little indication of a firm political will to address and challenge undue influence across the public sector.

29 June 2015
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Pakistan: Overview of corruption and anti-­corruption efforts

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