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Collective donor responses: Barking or biting?

In 2006, the OECD Development Assistance Committee Ministers of Development expressed a desire to move towards more effective collective responses to corruption. However, donors have continued to struggle with responding robustly to corruption cases. Donors cannot afford to continue to respond in a haphazard, inconsistent, and poorly planned fashion. Attention should be invested into how to respond to corruption cases in a manner that has a strategic focus beyond getting the money back. This means preparing a coordinated response; acting consistently and predictably; and maintaining a dialogue with multiple partners including non-state actors.

25 March 2014
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de Vibe, M.; Taxell, N.; (2014) Collective donor responses: Barking or biting?. Bergen: U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, Chr. Michelsen Institute (U4 Brief )

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Maja de Vibe
Nils Taxell


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