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Evaluations and project reviews – Public Financial Management

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Evaluations and project reviews – Public Financial Management

Evaluations and project assessments of donor-funded projects on public financial management provide valuable insights, see for example:

PFM Reform: Burkina Faso, Ghana and Malawi – Sida evaluation brief

Where and why do PFM reforms succeed? Where and how does donor support to PFM reform contribute most effectively to results? A 2014 Sida evaluation of PFM reforms in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Malawi (pdf) found that results tend to be good when:

  • There is a strong commitment at both political and technical levels.
  • Reform designs and implementation models are well tailored to the context.
  • Strong, government-led coordination arrangements are in place to monitor and guide reforms.

See also the 2012 full, final synthesis report on these three countries: Evaluation of Public Financial Management Reform Burkina Faso, Ghana and Malawi 2001–2010 Final Synthesis Report (pdf)

Stocktaking Study of PFM Diagnostic Instruments
Volume I – Main Report

This Stocktaking Study of PFM Diagnostic Instruments (pdf) was commissioned by the Task Force on Public Financial Management, under the auspices of the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness (an international partnership hosted by the DAC). The Study separates PFM Diagnostics into three categories: (A) Broad diagnostic or analytical tools covering the whole of the PFM system, (B) Tools which focus in greater detail on individual PFM elements or institutions, and (C) Tools used by donors in order to assess fiduciary risk and/or the use of country systems. The Study’s first set of proposals focus on streamlining coverage; addressing overlaps and seeking to clarify the role of specific instruments. The second set of proposals are broader in nature and, if enacted would improve collaboration (a) between donors in the development and streamlining of PFM diagnostics; and (b) at a country level by reducing duplicative processes, building government capacity and reducing transaction costs.

Supporting Capacity Development in PFM - A Practitioner’s Guide.
Volume II Country Cases: Lesotho, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Rwanda

This Practitioner’s Guide (pdf), also by the Task Force on Public Financial Management, covers four countries: Lesotho, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Rwanda, with background, status of current PFM reforms, and lessons learned and recommendations in terms of conceptual understanding; content, form and duration; the reform process; and the impact and sustainability of capacity development initiatives.


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