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Addressing corruption in health emergencies

Three 20-minute self-paced modules. Learn how corruption impacts health systems during an emergency.

This short, self-paced course is for anyone interested in understanding how corruption impacts health systems during an emergency. You will learn how to assess corruption risks and apply a variety of counter measures to mitigate them.

The course has three separate modules:

  • Introduction to corruption in health emergencies.
  • Drivers and vulnerabilities
  • Understanding and applying anti-corruption measures

You may leave and return to the modules at your convenience and your place will be bookmarked.


Self-paced. Engage with animations, readings and case studies.


Complete at least 80% of the course to get a certificate.


Open for everyone– no prior knowledge required.

Take this course if you want to understand how corruption affects the health system before, during, and after an emergency and how to mitigate its impact.


3 x 20 minutes


Available any time




When signing up for this course you will receive an email with a link to the first module: Introduction to Corruption in Health Emergencies. On completion, you will be given access to module two: Drivers and vulnerabilities and then module three: Understanding and Applying Anti-Corruption Measures. On successful completion of the final module, you will be sent a certificate.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the role of corruption in health emergencies and how it impacts health system functioning and health outcomes.
  • Identify the drivers of corruption in health emergencies and understand why health system are vulnerable during such periods.
  • Identify and apply diverse measures for preventing, detecting, and responding to corruption in health emergencies.