Corruption in natural resource management

A three-week programme that provides information and key lessons for anti-corruption engagement around natural resources.



Why take this course?

  • Improve your understanding of the types of corruption that occur in natural resource sectors.
  • Learn about vulnerabilities to corruption in natural resource-related aid.
  • Critically engage with the array of tools and initiatives for addressing corruption in natural resource management.

Expected results

  • Enhanced appreciation of corruption risks in natural resource management.
  • Increased understanding of what current tools and initiatives can achieve in this area.

Workload and training methods

Participants actively take part in group discussions and deliver written assignments on which they receive feedback. A minimum of 10 hours per week of available time - over four weeks - and a reasonably stable internet connection is needed.

It does not matter what time of day you log on to the Virtual Classroom, but please do not sign up if you cannot participate on a regular basis during all four weeks of the course.

Guidance, facilitation and expert supervision

The participants receive help and guidance from a course facilitator. In addition, experts with specialist knowledge contribute to the discussions and comment on assignments.

Course material

Course readers and material for all U4 online training programmes can be found on our course material page. This information is only accessible for partner agency staff.


All participants who complete the course successfully will be issued a course certificate.

Course fee

Participation is free for U4 Partner Agency Staff and invited partners (includes ministry of foreign affairs and embassy staff). U4 unfortunately cannot respond to requests for participation in the online course from individuals or organizations not connected to a U4 Partner Agency. Non-U4 partners cannot apply for a place, unless they submit first an explicit invitation by a U4 Partner Agency granting them a place under their quota.


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Corruption in natural resource management

  • 26th September - 14th October


All U4 Partners are encouraged to apply for this course.


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