Corruption risks in the criminal justice chain and tools for assessment


Proxies for grand corruption in procurement, nepotism, and revolving doors

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Mainstreaming anti-corruption: Water sector strategy in Mozambique


Impact of foreign bribery legislation on developing countries and the role of donor agencies


Kenya: Tax haven or international financial centre?

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The case for asset declarations in the judiciary: Identifying illicit enrichment and conflicts of interests


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U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

U4 is a web-based resource centre for development practitioners who wish to effectively address corruption challenges in their work. We aim to provide users with relevant anti-corruption resources; including our own applied research, publications, a helpdesk service and online training.

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Essentials of anti-corruption

  • 26th January 2015 - 27th February 2015
  • 27th April 2015 - 29th May 2015
  • 28th September 2015 - 30th October 2015
Online training

Essentials of anti-corruption (in French)

  • 26th January 2015 - 27th February 2015
Online training

Corruption in the education sector

  • 16th February 2015 - 13th March 2015
Online training

Corruption in natural resource management (French)

  • 4th May 2015 - 29th May 2015
Online training

Money in politics: curbing corruption in political finance

  • 14th September 2015 - 9th October 2015
Online training

Corruption in the health sector

  • 14th September 2015 - 2nd October 2015
Online training

Introducing anti-corruption approaches into sector work

  • 2nd November 2015 - 21st November 2015