Anti-corruption training for development practitioners

Are you eligible for U4 online training?

Yes – if you work for a U4 Partner or related embassy/foreign ministry. All courses are free of charge.

As a partner you can also nominate other development practitioners for a place. To do this, or for any other information please e-mail us at


Self-paced online course

Managing corruption risks in development cooperation



  • A 45-minute kick-starter course in anti-corruption
  • Start, stop, and continue when you want
  • Test your understanding in a simulated programme where every decision matters
  • Pass the assessment and print your certificate

Facilitated online courses

  • Courses are donor-focused and led by a team of experts.
  • You engage in self-study, group discussions, and assignments in an online forum.
  • Log on from home or the office any time of the day.
  • You need 30 – 50 hours of available time, depending on the course.
  • Successful participants get a certificate
  • Partners can read the course readers for any course, any time.

We offer these courses

In-Country Training

  • Embassies and field offices can apply for workshops.
  • U4's steering committee determines which workshops we hold.
  • For more information on topics and procedures please see the application form
  • 2017 workshops application deadline: 3 October 2016 (Send to

 Workshops currently being planned:

Upcoming courses

Facilitated online courses

Essentials of anti-corruption

  • 18th September - 13th October
Facilitated online courses

Corruption in natural resource management

  • 25th September - 13th October
Facilitated online courses

Corruption in the education sector

  • 9th October - 3rd November
Facilitated online courses

Introducing anti-corruption approaches into sector work

  • 6th November - 24th November


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Finance and Operations Manager

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