U4 Training Services are exclusively for the U4 Partner Agencies and their invited partners. U4 unfortunately cannot respond to requests for participation in our trainings from individuals or organisations not connected to a U4 partner agency. Non-U4 partners cannot apply for a place, unless they submit first an explicit invitation by a U4 partner agency granting them a place under their quota.

In-Country Training

The U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre has arranged in‑country workshops on anti‑corruption issues since 2003. Since then, these expert‑led sessions have reached development and donor workers in over 20 countries. U4 in‑country workshops are tailor-made for a donor audience and their development partners. U4 currently offers six different in­‑country workshops:

  • Anti-corruption strategies and policy making
  • Essentials of anti‑corruption
  • Corruption in the education sector
  • Corruption in the health sector
  • Corruption in aid
  • Corruption in post-conflict and fragile situations

U4's upcoming in-country worskhops include:

Upcoming courses

Online training

Essentials of anti-corruption

  • 29th September - 31st October
Online training

Introducing anti-corruption approaches into sector work

  • 3rd November - 21st November


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