Public Financial Management and Procurement

Discover how essential sound PFM and clean procurement systems are for a functioning state. Learn how to build integrity in these key areas.

Every public entity needs financial means to provide its services. PFM systems regulate state finances: from collecting revenue to allocating funds through the budgetary process; from utilising those funds by procuring goods and services to the auditing of public spending. PFM impacts every sector. Corruption in any of these aspects is devastating for service provision and economic growth.

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It's our money. Where is it gone?

A short documentary, produced by the International Budget Partnership in 2009, on an initiative, in Mombasa (Kenya) to involve communities directly in monitoring the Constituency Development Fund, a fund managed by Kenyan parliamentarians. Through social audits, communities monitored budgets and held their government accountable for managing the public’s money and meeting the needs of the poor.
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Author: Tina Søreide, Alves da Rocha, Regina Santos, Antonio Costa, Nelson Pestana
Release date: May 2011

Public Construction Projects - Angola

A need to fortify barriers against corruption

Between early 2002 and 2009 the Angolan government invested around USD 30.4 billion in new infrastructure, hospitals, schools and other public construction projects that are critical for reconstructing the country after 27 years of civil war. But in a sector that is widely recognized as highly vulnerable to corruption, a key question is whether these massive investments have produced the commensurate value for the people of Angola. Researchers from CMI (U4’s home institution) and CEIC (Centro de Estudos e Investigação Científica of the Catholic University of Angola) summarise the risks of corruption in public financing of construction and offer a ground-level view of the challenges that need to be met.  Click here to also read the brief "Ten challenges in public construction. CEIC-CMI public sector transparency study".

Author: Manuel, M; Gupta, S and Ackroyd, P
Release date: November 2010

Accelerating the transition out of fragility:The role of finance and public financial management reform

This paper is the report produced after a conference focussed on the practical and policy aspects of how to use finance to support fragile states in their transition out of fragility and the associated implications for public financial management. The conference discussed four themes: (1) delivering effective financial support – joining the dots from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe; (2) Developing local financial management capacity – moving from quick fixes to sustained reforms; (3) The role of transparency and accountability and (4) Public financial management reform in fragile states – what is working and why. The conference developed ideas of how to overcome common, recurring problems.


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