Private Sector

Learn about the manifestations of corruption involving the private sector and find more about donors' engagement in this area.

Corruption is not a problem exclusive to the public sector. Private sector corruption also damages developing countries. It may involve businesses corrupting public officials but can also take place between private sector actors only. Discover how economic development spurs initiatives to improve integrity and stamp out corruption in this sector that is crucial to lifting countries out of poverty.

This U4 Theme Page will help you, among other things, to:

  • Search and read critical assessments of donor projects on private sector corruption (see Other Resources below)
Author: The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development
Release date: March 2006

Reforming the business environment: Current thinking and future opportunities

This is a thematic overview of papers presented at the 2005 Cairo conference dealing with business environment defined as both the policies, law and regulations, and the institutions that affect private sector development. It is meant to guide development agencies interested in ways to reform the business environment. The overview presents the various approaches, treatments recommended and assessment tools proposed, and it recapitulates the information on more specific topics such as business registration and formalisation, tax regime and investment, inspections.

Author: Tina Søreide
Release date: January 2006

Corruption in international business transactions: The perspective of Norwegian firms

This paper presents a study of corruption in international markets from the perspective of Norwegian firms. The study is based on interviews at executive level in seven large firms, a business survey of 82 exporting firms and a survey of Norwegian embassies outside the OECD region. The study aimed at information about firms’ challenges, their experiences, and their preferred strategies.


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