Private Sector

Learn about the manifestations of corruption involving the private sector and find more about donors' engagement in this area.

Corruption is not a problem exclusive to the public sector. Private sector corruption also damages developing countries. It may involve businesses corrupting public officials but can also take place between private sector actors only. Discover how economic development spurs initiatives to improve integrity and stamp out corruption in this sector that is crucial to lifting countries out of poverty.

This U4 Theme Page will help you, among other things, to:

  • Search and read critical assessments of donor projects on private sector corruption (see Other Resources below)
Author: OECD
Release date: January 2006

Promoting Private Investment for Development. The role of ODA

This policy guidance's main message is that donors should focus on helping to lower the costs of investment, reduce risks, improve competition and develop human and institutional capacities. It stresses that economic infrastructure, financial market development and building the capacities of enterprises are priority area for mobilising investments in the near term and identifies the requirements for creating an investment climate.

Author: OECD
Release date: January 2006

Risk Management Tool for Investors in Weak Governance Zones

This tool aims to help businesses address the risks posed by operating in environments characterized by weak governments or by government failure. These risks include, inter alia, ‘widespread solicitation, extortion […], and violations of the rule of law’. The tool incorporates the findings from broad public stakeholder consultations, and sets out guidance provided by existing integrity instruments, including the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. The tool’s starting point is that these integrity instruments must be observed, and that they are particularly important as they often provide the only guidance in an environment in which no legal framework exists or where it is very weak.


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