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Anti-corruption agencies are important, and contested, players in the fight against corruption. Find the latest evidence on their value and performance on this theme page

The number of Anti-corruption agencies (ACAs) around the world has increased dramatically over the past decades. Nevertheless, the value of ACAs is increasingly being questioned by international donors and national governments. Frequently, ACAs are not considered to deliver on the high expectations bestowed upon then. The question is by which measure - and how - we assess the performance of these institutions, and how we can best improve their performance. On this page you can:

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Author: Vera Devine and Inese Gaika
Release date: March 2013

Specialised Anti-Corruption Institutions. Review of Models: Second Edition

This is an update of a 2008 review. Description (by the OECD): "This report provides a comparative overview of common standards and key features of specialised anti-corruption institutions and comprehensive descriptions of 19 anti-corruption institutions operating in different parts of the world, presented in a comparable framework. This new edition of an 2008 report reflects the evolving understanding of international standards and the practice and the most recent experiences of anti-corruption institutions. The report discusses three "models" of anti-corruption institutions: multi-functional anti-corruption agencies, institutions fighting corruption through law enforcement and prevention institutions."


Executive summary

Part I. International Standards and Models of Anti-corruption Institutions

Chapter 1. Sources of International Standards

Chapter 2. Elements of International Standards

Chapter 3. Models of Anti-corruption Institutions

Part II. Selected Models of Specialised Anti-corruption Institutions

Chapter 4. Multi-purpose Anti-corruption Agencies

Chapter 5. Law Enforcement Type Institutions

Chapter 6. Corruption Prevention Institutions


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