There is an ever-growing demand for professional knowledge and research from U4 partner agency staff.  The U4 helpdesk – operated by Transparency International’s Secretariat in Berlin – is a service for staff from U4 partner agencies who can pose any question related to corruption/anti-corruption and receive a tailored, Expert answer within 10 working days (or in urgent cases within 48 hours). 

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  • Raise any question related to corruption/anti-corruption
  • Receive a tailor made, expert response within 10 working days
  • Receive assistance within 48 hours in case of urgency

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Sites that help you put together quick corruption/anti-corruption country profiles:

Helpdesk operated by Transparency International

U4’s partnership with TI brings a wealth of information and resources to the Helpdesk in the form of TI’s knowledgeable research staff, its network of anti-corruption resource people, and broad institutional experience in combating corruption and advocating for anti-corruption reform around the world.


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