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How it works

  • Send your question to
  • Receive a tailor made, expert response within 10 working days
  • or get 48 hour assistance in case of urgency



Who can post a question?

The service is open for all staff from U4 partner agencies.


Response time

Our normal deadline is 10 working days to produce a thorough answer for you.

If ten days is too late, we will endeavour to produce a quicker, less extensive response in 48 hours. We cannot guarantee that this is always possible, but please let us know your wishes.



How we can help U4 partners

We answer questions that: 

  • Are directly related to corruption and anti-corruption 
  • Has relevant practitioner perspectives – policy (reforms, processes, etc.) and/or operations (advocacy, reform implementation, technical assistance).
  • Are clearly formulated, with a clear stated purpose 
  • Can be realistically accomplished via desk research within 7 working days

...Please don't let the guidelines stop you from sending a question if you're in doubt. We will help you to clarify your question.

Sorry, but some questions fall outside our purpose

 We do not answer questions that: 

  • Require original fieldwork
  • Formulate recommendations/provide direct input into specific programmes, projects and policies
  • Set out policy positions on specific topics 
  • Cannot be realistically accomplished via desk research within 7 working days

Examples of questions we have answered

  • "What are the linkages between corruption and commodity trading? Please provide a brief overview of the state of knowledge including on the mechanisms involved, an estimate on the money flows and some case studies."
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  • "Please provide a summary of the key corruption risks and potential mitigation measures in land administration"
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  • "We have identified several factors that contribute to a decision to migrate from a home country into a more conducive environment, particularly including a lack of security and economic opportunities. What are the ways in which corruption leads to scarcity of economic opportunities, and to a lack of human security, which pushes people to flee their home countries?"
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Who we are

The U4 helpdesk is operated by Transparency International’s Secretariat in Berlin


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