There is an ever-growing demand for professional knowledge and research from U4 partner agency staff.

The U4 helpdesk – operated by Transparency International’s Secretariat in Berlin – is a service for staff from U4 partner agencies who can pose any question related to corruption/anti-corruption and receive a tailored, Expert Answer within 10 working days (or in urgent cases within 48 hours).


How it works


1. Send your question to

2. Receive a tailor made, expert response within 10 working days

3. Receive assistance within 48 hours in case of urgency

Guidelines for submitting a query


Ideal queries are those that:

  • Are related to corruption/anti-corruption
  • Contain structured questions
  • Are focused on a particular topic
  • Can be accomplished via desk research within 10 days


Practitioners can expect to receive:

  • Responses that address precisely the issue raised
  • Evidence-based and operational advice on anti-corruption initiatives
  • Syntheses of research and/or lessons learned on specific topics, and recommendations for anti-corruption approaches


Response time

The Helpdesk team will endeavour to answer queries that are clearly marked as urgent within 48 hours of acknowledgement of receipt. This is not a guaranteed service but all efforts will be made to meet your requests. Answers produced within such time limitations are likely to be less extensive and thorough. If your query is not very urgent, we encourage you to plan in advance and continue to use the standard (10 working days) service.


Helpdesk operated by Transparency International

U4’s partnership with Transparency International brings a wealth of information and resources to the Helpdesk in the form of Transparency International's knowledgeable research staff, its network of anti-corruption resource people, and broad institutional experience in combating corruption and advocating for anti-corruption reform around the world.


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