Strengthening and measuring the implementation of anti-corruption policy in Nepal

  • Workshop topic: Anti-corruption strategy
  • Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Hosting agency:  Norad
  • Date: 23-24 May 2017
  • Contact: Sofie Schuette

A challenge for the stakeholders seeking improvement in the corruption situation in Nepal is to assess the reasons behind the disappointing outcomes and identify ways forward to achieving better results. This workshop which is hosted by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in collaboration with Anticorruption Working Group in Nepal, is based on an assumption that to be able to effectively address corruption, it is important to strengthen the knowledge on national strategies and policy making for anti-corruption, and find ways to monitor trends, gaps and effectiveness of interventions. The added value of this workshop is hence to contribute to improved country specific data provision and data gathering. The specific objectives for this multi-stakeholder workshop are (1) to generate a common understanding of the need for and the benefits of monitoring progress of implementation of anti-corruption policy, (2) to raise participants’ awareness of existing sources (and potential further sources) and mechanisms to monitor progress in Nepal’s fight against corruption. 


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