Addressing corruption challenges in key sectors in Moldova

  • Workshop topic: Anti-corruption in sector work
  • Location: Chisenau. Moldova
  • Hosting agency:  GIZ and SDC
  • Date: 12-13 October 2017
  • Contacts: David Jackson, Monica Kirya

The joint SDC and GIZ/BMZ workshop will focus on corruption challenges in public procurement and in the health/water & sanitation sectors, as well as socially-led initiatives that could minimise the inequitable and unpredictable access generated by certain forms of corruption in these sectors. Participants will learn about and develop practical interventions that could help minimise the negative impact posed by these challenges, as well as assess the effectiveness of these interventions within the Moldovan context. Relevant to government officials, civil society actors and donor agencies, the overall aim of the workshop will be to develop one or two practical steps that feed into ongoing SDC/GIZ programmatic priorities in the country.


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