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There is increasing recognition of the importance of people’s engagement to control corruption. Find out more about the role that citizens can play in promoting transparency, enhancing accountability and safeguarding public resources.

What works, what doesn’t, and under what conditions in terms of strengthening mechanisms for public engagement and increased transparency is not well documented or understood. Under this theme we explore assumptions and experiences of how individuals, CSOs, media, private sector and other actors occupy and use the space between the state and the public; and how they can use this space to have a say in policy making and hold government to account.

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It's Our Money. Where's It Gone?

In Kenya, members of parliament receive approximately one million dollars per year to spend on development projects in their constituencies through a scheme called the Constituency Development Fund. The MPs are able to spend this money with no meaningful oversight, so the CDF has been plagued with mismanagement and corruption. This documentary presents the powerful story of a civil society organization, MUHURI, that helps a local community in a Mombasa slum investigate their local CDF and take on the challenge of holding them accountable.
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