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Explore the challenges and strategies to deal with health sector corruption

Corruption in the health sector is especially critical in developing and transitional economies lacking in public resources. Corruption lowers the quality, equity, volume and effectiveness of health care. It increases the price of medical services, and discourages people to use and pay for them. This has a corrosive impact on a population's level of health.

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Prof. Taryn Vian , Amy Studenic, and Kimberly Johnson at the Boston University School of Public Health have contributed substantively to this U4 Theme.

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Chinese drug salesmen tell BBC they 'routinely pay bribes'. British Broad Casting, 12 August 2013

GlaxoSmithKline executive confessed to paying bribes for doctors to prescribe their medicine and for hospitals to carry it. The bribes get absorbed into the cost of the companies and raises prices of the drugs. BBC interviewed five drug salesman who confirmed this practice. There is also corruption going on around the health sector, such as people selling appointments to see physicians.
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Author: T. Mackey, B. Liang
Release date: October 2012

Combating health corruption and fraud with improved global health governance

Corruption is a serious threat to global health outcomes, leading to financial waste and adverse health consequences. Yet, forms of corruption impacting global health are endemic worldwide in public and private sectors, and in developed and resource-poor settings alike. Allegations of misuse of funds and fraud in global health initiatives also threaten future investment. Current domestic and sectorial-level responses are fragmented and have been criticized as ineffective. In order to address this issue, we propose a global health governance framework calling for international recognition of “global health corruption” and development of a treaty protocol to combat this crucial issue.

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Corruption in Global Health: Governance Approaches in Dealing with Forms of Health Related Corruption

Mackey, T. (2013) Presentation about the Good Governance in Global Health Project.

Author: M. Bouchard, J. C. Kohler, J. Orbinski, A. Howard
Release date: October 2012

Corruption in the health care sector: A barrier to access of orthopedic care and medical devices in Uganda

This is an interesting study in Uganda that finds that the leading perceived barrier to orthopedic care and devices was corruption. 45 people were interviewed in this qualitative study. Those interviewed ranged in experiences of patients, governmental representatives, professionals in healthcare, and orthopedic surgeons.


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