General literature

Overview of general anti-corruption literature

The list of publications below provides general information about anti-corruption. This list is non-exhaustive and more specific recommended reading can be found within our theme pages.


Anti-Corruption Policy: Can International Actors Play a Constructive Role?

 Rose-Ackerman, S, Carrington, Paul D. (Eds) (2013)

Why anti-corruption reforms fail — Systemic corruption as a collective action problem
Persson, A., Rothstein, B., Teorell, J. (2013)

Freedom of information: The right to know
UNESCO (2011)

Joint evaluation of support to anti-corruption efforts: 2002-2009
ITAD and LDP (2011)
Demanding good governance: Lessons from social accountability initiatives in Africa
McNeil, M and Malena, C (2010)
A user's guide to measuring corruption
UNDP (2008)
Corruption and development aid: Confronting the challenges
Cremer, G (2008)
Specialised anti-corruption institutions: A review of models
OECD (2008)
Assessing corruption: An analytical review of corruption measures and its problems
Urra, J (2007)
Performance, accountability and combating corruption
Anwar, S (ed) (2007)
The many faces of corruption: Tracking vulnerabilities at the sector level
Campos, J and Pradhan, S (eds) (2007)
International handbook on the economics of corruption
Rose-Ackerman, S (ed) (2006)
Political corruption: Concepts and contexts
Heidenheimer, A.J. and Johnston, M., eds. (2002)
Corruption and Government: Causes, Consequences and Reform
Rose-Ackerman, S. (1999)


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