Jesper Stenberg Johnsøn

Senior Advisor
Phone: +47 47 93 80 09

Jesper Johnsøn undertakes operational research, conducts trainings, and provides policy advice to aid donors and practitioners on a wide range of anti-corruption issues. Mr Johnsøn is responsible for U4’s work streams on (a) evaluation practices and measurement tools, and (b) fragile states. He is also Head of Training, responsible for overall coordination of U4’s training portfolio.

Mr Johnsøn has practical experience in evaluating a range of different national integrity institutions, such as anti-corruption agencies and supreme audit institutions, conducting anti-corruption country-level assessments, and establishing monitoring frameworks and corruption indicators for programmes. He has worked on diverse assignments, ranging from multi-year, advanced impact evaluations to short-term reviews.

Prior to joining CMI and U4, Mr Johnsøn worked as Senior Consultant in the Public Administration & Governance practice area for an international consultancy. Experiences include:

  1. Project manager and qualitative expert on a large impact evaluation study of the Social Fund for Development in Yemen
  2. M&E expert for “Zambia Governance Foundation” programme, leading one international and one national expert
  3. Project manager for the “Social Protection Strategy for the Government of Rwanda” project, conducted budget feasibility study and costings
  4. Part of the design team for the £70 million Chars Livelihoods Programme 2 (CLP2), supporting M&E and governance appraisals

As a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, Mr Johnsøn conducts research on corruption in fragile states. He holds an M.Phil in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge and an MA in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Country work experience include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kosovo, Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tajikistan, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zambia.

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