Fredrik Eriksson

Senior Advisor

Lawyer whose professional profile and research interests include:

  • Private sector anti-corruption (compliance, CSR, business environment and normative influence)
  • Contextual governance innovation (co-creation, hybrid institutions, incentives realignment mechanisms: social impact bonds, corporation typologies, monitoring and reporting)  
  • Systemic change approaches (social transformation management, systems analysis, collective action, collective impact, collective action accountability frameworks, technology-facilitated change, real-time evaluation)
  • The relationship between institutions, power distribution and enforcement
  • Patronage-based policies
  • Long-term transition strategies and their trade-offs(social, economic and institutional transformations)
  • Innovation labs

Eriksson has extensive experience from private sector research, policy analysis, evaluations, strategy development, and other consultancy work relating to anti-corruption and governance in the public, private and voluntary sectors. He has worked for a wide range of different national and international institutions, including development agencies, NGOs, INGOs, think tanks, private companies, research institutions and governments.

Eriksson is currently a Local Research Correspondent on Corruption for the European Commission.     

9807 DSC 1053 2

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