Taryn Vian

Taryn Vian, SM, PhD, is Associate Professor of Global Health. Her consulting, research, and teaching focus on corruption in the health sector and accountability in governance. Dr. Vian has analyzed vulnerabilities to corruption in health sectors in Albania, Azerbaijan, Vietnam and other countries for clients including the US Agency for International Development, Transparency International, WHO, UNDP and the Council of Europe. Recent projects have included an assessment of corruption risks in the health sector for the UNDP Support to Anti-Corruption Efforts in Kosovo (SAEK) Project, a sector study analyzing the consequences of corruption on growth and development for the OECD and the Anti-Corruption Working Group of the G20, and development of a policy framework for reducing out-of-pocket and informal payments in the health sector for the Republic of Moldova, funded by WHO. She has led studies abroad and in the U.S. examining the practice of informal payments, health managers’ perceptions of transparency, and health reforms to improve governance. Dr. Vian is co-editor of the book Anticorruption in the Health Sector: Strategies for Transparency and Accountability (Sterling Press 2010) and numerous articles and other publications. She collaborates frequently with the Chr. Michelsen Institute’s U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Center in Norway to educate and support development practitioners seeking to implement anti-corruption reforms in the health sector. She has written more than a dozen briefs and reports on corruption-related issues available on the U4 web site, and designed and directs an online course on Corruption in the Health Sector which has been attended by over 100 professionals from 25 countries. She also has facilitated in-country workshops on corruption in the health sector in Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Cameroon, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia. Dr. Vian has worked in over 35 countries including two years managing a child health project in the Philippines. She is a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Cameroon and has a BA in Philosophy from Colgate University, an MS in Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health, and a PhD in Public Policy and Global Health from Boston University.

taryn vian

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