Frank G Feeley III

Frank Feeley, JD, is Chair of the Department of Global Health and Associate Professor of Global Health. Mr. Feeley is a lawyer who began his career in the United States with government agencies managing publicly funded health insurance and the regulation of health providers. Since then, he has worked on problems of health financing and management in more than 25 developing countries. Mr. Feeley has consulted on the reform of health laws and regulations in Zambia, Russia and Vietnam, and on the financing of health care in Armenia and Georgia. He also worked with a team assessing the private health sector in Kenya and Namibia. Mr. Feeley led one of the first studies of under-the-table and out-of-pocket payments in Russia and recently collaborated with Taryn Vian on a policy framework to reduce out-of-pocket and informal payments in the Republic of Moldova. He also co-authored an article on corruption in the health sector in Vietnam which looked at the role of regulatory reform and public engagement in anti-corruption. Mr. Feeley is an expert facilitator on the topic of informal payments in the online course on Corruption and Health organized through the U4 Anti-corruption Resource Center of Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway. Mr. Feeley also teaches courses on comparative health systems, consulting skills, and the health systems of the Former Soviet Union at Boston University School of Public Health. He holds an undergraduate degree from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University and a JD from Yale University.


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