Course Experts

Essentials of anti-corruption

Vera Devine

Marijana Trivunovic

Bruno Speck

Quentin Reed

Bruce Bailey

Drago Kos

Onyinye Ough


Corruption in the education sector

Jacques Hallak

Muriel Poisson


Corruption in the health sector

Taryn Vian

Frank G Feeley III

Andy O'Connell

Prashant Yadav


Money in politics: Curbing corruption in political finance

Bruno Speck

Quentin Reed

Melanie Reed

Tilman Hoppe


UNCAC: Understanding the UN Convention against Corruption and how it affects development cooperation

Pedro Gomes Pereira

Gretta Fenner Zinkernagel

Karen Hussmann

Corruption in natural resource management

Patrick Heller

Alexandra Gillies

Mari-Lise du Preez

Introducing anti-corruption approaches into sector work

Karen Hussmann

Frédéric Böhm

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